Stay-At-Home 10 Day Dog Trick Challenge

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Here are a few things to get you ready for Day 1:


  • This challenge was made to help build the bond between you and your dog.  It is not a full blown training program. 

  • Have fun with your dog.  At any point during working with your dog, if you get frustrated, or if your dog gets frustrated, stop working, take a break, then try again later.  This is about having fun.

  • Have plenty of healthy treats ready.  Most of the tricks we’ll be doing involve luring with treats, so we’ll be using a lot of them.  Make sure the treat is something your dog really loves.  I recommend using little bits of boiled chicken, but it’s totally up to you, as long as it’s something really tasty and motivating for your dog.

  • Your dog will not end on Day 10 being perfect in everything we are learning.  It takes a lot of practice to be really good.  This is just a showcase of what is possible if you commit yourself to working with your dog.  I truly believe dog training should be a part of every day life.  It only takes a few minutes a day.

  • If any of the movements or tricks we do are uncomfortable for your dog DON’T DO IT!  Some dogs may have joint or hip pain, especially older dogs.  If this is the case, please don’t do anything that will risk your dogs health.

If you have any questions before, during, or after the Stay-At-Home 10 Day Dog Training Challenge, you may contact me on my website https://www.goodbuddydogtraining.com/contact


Several of you have asked if you can pay me something for offering this challenge.  I will not charge you anything, but I have added an option to give a tip via PayPal if you choose to do so.  

This is totally optional, and not expected of you to take part in the Stay-At-Home 10 Day Dog Trick Challenge.