Registration has been re-opened for new participants.

Join the FREE Stay-At-Home 10 Day Dog Trick Challenge!!!

We're going through a tough time.  Many of us are stuck at home and getting bored.

Because of this I decided to offer this free challenge to my neighbors in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, NM as a way to keep busy, have some fun, and help build a strong and healthy bond with their dogs.

What I did NOT expect was for the challenge to be featured on the local news(see the story here), go viral and spread around the world.  I was not prepared for the nearly 1400 signups from all over the world.  My website was so inundated with traffic, many people were not able to get in to the training.  

Now that things have settled down, and because of all the positive feedback I have received, I have decided to open the registration back up for new participants.  

Sign up for the FREE Stay-At-Home 10 Day Dog Trick Challenge!

Why you should join the Stay-At-Home 10 Day Dog Trick Challenge:

  • You are stuck at home

  • You are bored

  • You have too much free time

  • You have a dog

  • Your dog is bored

  • You want to teach your dog some cool tricks

  • You want to build and nurture the bond between you and your dog

What to expect:

  • You will receive one email per day with that days challenge​

  • Do NOT expect perfection. All dogs learn at a different pace. 

  • Lots of fun for you and your dog.

Who am I?


My name is Paul Falardeau.  I am the owner and Certified Dog Training Instructor at Good Buddy Dog Training.  I am originally from Massachusetts, but have lived here in Rio Rancho, NM for almost six years.  


Just like many of you, COVID-19/Coronavirus and the statewide Stay-At-Home Order has me stuck in my home, sometimes climbing my walls.  One thing that helps to keep me occupied and sane during this time is spending time working with my own dogs Buddy, Chloe, and Fenway.  We also currently have a five month old foster puppy named Leo who is currently staying with us.


I heard of another Dog Trainer in Nevada who is also doing a similar challenge and thought it was a great idea to help my friends and neighbors get through all of this craziness.  

Remember, this is meant to be fun for YOU and meant to be fun for your DOG!  


If you have any questions before entering the challenge, please email me at

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