Mission Statement

The mission of Good Buddy Dog Training is to provide professional, private dog training to responsible dog owners, which is based on the science of how dogs learn by using a positive and fun curriculum to build confidence in both dog and owner.

Rio Rancho Dog Training


I believe dogs are important members of our families and deserve the best private training, care, housing, and nutrition. I believe in using only positive dog training methods.  I believe averse methods not only cause pain and discomfort to dogs, but can cause more harm than good over the long term. I believe private dog training should be fun for both dog and owner and should become a part of everyday life, even after initial training is done. I believe proper, positive dog training builds confidence in both dog and owner, which contributes to a well behaved, happy dog.

Private Dog Training

- Rosemarie H.

Paul is great and taught us and Max a lot. He is very patient and a great trainer. We highly recommend him!